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How to Extract RAR Files?


Step 1. Input RAR Files

Step 2. Choose Output Path

Step 3. Start Extracting

Step 4. Advanced Settings

Required Resources

FAST RAR Extractor Free 3.2.1 or later
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    FAST RAR Extractor Free is able to batch extract RAR files and you can easily drag and drop the desired objects to extract. You can define the destination path of output files to the original folder or to the default output folder. For easily finding and managing of output files, it allows you to append the archive name and show output folder after extracting. You can keep the original directory structure and remove redundant folders from extraction path and the file attribute of the date can be changed according to your needs. Furthermore, the RAR files can be associated with FAST RAR Extractor Free for convenient use every time.

Step 1. Input RAR Files

    Launch FAST RAR Extractor Free and to extract specific RAR files, click "File: One or more files"; to extract all RAR files included in a directory, click "Folder: Includes sub-folder". Then click "Browse" to choose the RAR files/folders you need to extract. To remove the input files/folders, click "Clean".

Input RAR Files

    (Tip: You can use drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste to input RAR files/folders directly into the bar.)

Step 2. Choose Output Path

    Under "Destination Path", there are options to define the output path: Extract files to the same folder where the original RAR file is stored, choose the first one; to extract files to the default output folder, choose the second and click "Browse" to define the output folder. "Target" button can be used to directly open the output folder.

It is suggested you check "Append archive name to output path" to create an output folder with original archive name to export the files/folders included.

Check "Open output folder after extracting" and the RAR extractor will open the output folder automatically when extraction finished.

Choose Output Path

Step 3. Start Extracting

    Click "Extract" to start extraction. To end the process, click "Cancel".

Start Extracting

Step 4. Advanced Settings

    FAST RAR Extractor Free offers a few custom settings to suit your needs about the extracted files.

Under "Default Folder for Extracted Files", you can define output folder structure. To know more...

Define Output Folder Structure

You are allowed to restore original file attributes under "File Attribute". Under "Date Attribute", three options are provided to specify the date attribute of extracted files. To know more...

Specify Attribute

Under "Prohibited File Types", you can define the file types to exclude from extraction. To know more...

Exclude Certain File Types

Under "Other", you can associate RAR files with FAST RAR Extractor Free by clicking "Associate With". To know more...

Associate RAR Files


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