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The services below are available for free to help all DeepZip customers.

Product FAQ

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Dot FAST ZIP Password Recovery Free

FAQ 01: What benefits do ZIP files offer?

FAQ 02: Why are GPUs so good at cracking passwords?

FAQ 03: Does this program support 64-bit Windows 8?

FAQ 04: What is Brute-Force attack?

FAQ 05: What is dictionary attack?

FAQ 06: What if I am not patient enough to wait for the cracked password?

FAQ 07: Is there a fast way to crack the specified file types?

FAQ 08: Can I create my own dictionary in any language I want?

FAQ 09: Can this software restore the password I cracked last time?

FAQ 10: What are RAR files used for?

FAQ 11: I have forgotten/do not know the password for a RAR file, how can I recover it?

FAQ 12: What is the maximum number of files that can be added to an archive?

FAQ 13: How does this software customize and optimize folder structure?

FAQ 14: What's the difference between RAR and ZIP files?

FAQ 15: What is a corrupted RAR file? Is there a way to fix it?

FAQ 16: What is a phishing RAR file?

FAQ 17: What can I do about some file types I don't want to extract?

Customer FAQ

How to install the program?

How to uninstall the program?

How much should I pay for FAST ZIP Password Recovery Free?

Do I have to pay for the upgrade and tech support?

What should I do if I have problems with the program?



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